A Guide to Living in Centerville, Ohio

Centerville, Ohio is a quaint suburb of Dayton, Ohio and is rated among the best places to live in the Dayton area. It’s easy to see why with its many historic buildings (the most in Ohio!), charming boutiques, independently owned restaurants, low crime, and excellent schools. Ignite Yoga Studio has been an independent woman-owned business in Centerville since 2013. Over the years, we’ve met thousands of people living in Centerville—some who have lived here their whole lives and others who found Ignite Yoga as a first stop in Centerville residency. As a community-driven business, we aim to create community within Ignite Yoga and spread our roots outward into the community including other small businesses to support the local economy. Through these endeavors, we have the opportunity to connect to the people that live, work, and play right here in Centerville, Ohio. If anyone knows the best hot spots and hidden gems, it’s these folks. So we asked them to generate a list of favorite places to share with locals and newcomers alike, to aid in the continual thriving of the city weknow and love—Centerville, Ohio.

The following list includes our top parks, fitness/health studios, shops, restaurants, and a variety of businesses.

  • Where to go outside
  • Where to shop
  • Where to buy food
  • Where to work out
  • Where to eat
  • Our one-of recommendations


Where to go outside

Centerville-Washington Park District (CWPD)

Centerville is revered for its amazing park district connecting the community with the outdoors. It boasts 50+ parks and growing. Today, here are our top three: 

  1. Bill Yeck Park – Bill Yeck is one of the larger of the parks in the CWPD. It’s a fan favorite because of its trail lengths and different scenery including woods, fields, and creek. You can connect many trails here to get a good hike of 3-4 miles.
  2. Grant Park – Grant Park is located just five minutes away from Ignite Yoga. Equipped with a number of park entrances for easy access, its trails are mild to moderate in difficulty and length. It provides educational points along some of the trails, making it great for kids that want to learn about nature. We recommend parking at Normandy Elementary and taking the brown trail through the woods, about a 1.25 mile hike. If you want more, loop back through on the blue trail for sites of a beautiful open field. Be careful though, this field retains water and is very muddy after a rain.
  3. Forest Field Park – Forest Field Park is connected to Bill Yeck Park mentioned above, and is learning-, families-, and activities-focussed. Forest Field is an arboretum as well as a community park. You’ll find a recently updated playground, gravel and paved trails, soccer fields, tennis courts, and almost anything for outdoor enthusiasts. Grab the family and a picnic and head to Forest Field Park to make a day of it!

Click here to find a park!


Where to shop

Centerville has a number of charming boutiques filled with apparel, consignments, and home decor. Here are our favorites:

  • Apparel Boutique
    Burgundy Chic Boutique – Burgundy Chic is an adorable shop with a variety of apparel, jewelry, and gifts for the “chic” in all of us. The prices are reasonable and the owner is sweet and friendly.

    Honorable mention: Zebra Girl Boutique is a fan favorite of Ignite Yogis. Due to a turn of events, the boutique is currently closed, but keep an eye out for a new location!

  • Home Decor
    Antiques Village –
    Antiques Village is one of the hidden gems in Centerville.  You may drive by it 100xs and think it’s not for you, but once you enter, you’re mesmerized by all of its amazing things. Regardless of your style, Antiques Village may be the place to find the awkward picture frame, perfect piece of wood for your rustic mantle, last piece of King’s Crown collectible dinnerware, or bed spring for your vintage chandelier idea.

    Honorable mention: RH Outlet – while not independently-owned, Restoration Hardware Outlets are hard to come by. There are only a few in the entire state of Ohio, and Centerville is happy to be one of those locations. Most of their items are full-priced items that have a minor flaw or have been returned, making them a steal compared to standard Restoration Hardware prices.

Where to buy food

Nowadays, people of all ages, shapes, and sizes are either being more selective with their food quality or may have dietary restrictions, making it harder to find items in your standard grocery store. So while this may seem like a strange category, we included it for those that care about their food. Below are a few of our favorite places to buy groceries in Centerville, Ohio.

Dorothy Lane Market – Dorothy Lane Market is an independently-owned grocery store in Dayton, Ohio with three locations, one being in Centerville. DLM (for short) specializes in quality foods, health, and specialty items. What we love about DLM is its good practices and offerings to the community. You’ll see all ages of employees because of its fair wages and ability to make working at DLM a valid career opportunity. They also offer cooking classes, wine tastings, and have made their mark in the baked goods department with artisan breads, Killer Brownies, and Laura’s Cookies.

Whole Foods Dayton – Whole Foods is less than a mile from Ignite Yoga, making it a great place to meet for coffee, lunch, or grab a glass of wine after yoga. The Whole Foods in Dayton, Ohio is filled with friendly employees, health aficionados, and has an overall great feeling.

Where to workout

If you’re a gym enthusiast, Centerville has two primary gyms — Esporta Fitness (formerly LA Fitness) and Club 51 Fitness. Club 51 is local and veteran-owned, while Esporta Fitness is a larger franchise. Both offer gym memberships.

These are great options, although being a small boutique business ourselves, we’re inclined to support the little guys. Below are our recommendations for boutique fitness centers in the Centerville area.

Kelli’s Body Shop – Kelli’s Body Shop is a woman-owned fitness center that is committed to quality and attentive personal training in private and group sessions. The owner, Kelli, is a ball of energy and her enthusiasm is palpable. A life-time of athleticism set her up for her move into bodybuilding and fitness competitions. Today, she trains individuals of all shapes, sizes, and age and her gym environment is inclusive and friendly.

Ignite Yogaof course we had to put ourselves on the list! Ignite Yoga is known for its commitment to your greatness through the practices of yoga. All of our instructors are highly skilled and teach from a place of power, support, and loving-kindness. We want you to do the work on your yoga mat that makes it possible to live powerfully off of your mat. We recommend starting with our New Student Special of 30 days unlimited for $40..

Where to eat

The category you’ve all been waiting for! There are so many great picks from breweries to historic staples that set Centerville apart. We’ve listed a handful of our favorites below.

Old Scratch Pizza – One of two locations a mere stone’s throw away from Ignite Yoga, Old Scratch is an independently-owned pizza establishment. Both locations in Centerville and Dayton offer a trendy industrial setting to share Neapolitan style wood-fired pizzas. Old Scratch has your standard pizzas like pepperoni (the Dayton) and cheese (the Elliott), but they really specialize in eclectic offerings like The Angry Beekeeper or Birdie pizza. They keep their menu simple by offering appetizers, salads, a couple of sandwiches, and one size of pizza. In addition, some of our favorites include the Roasted Cauliflower, Straccietella, Olympus Salad, Veg sandwich, and their gluten-free crust (taste just like the regular!). Old Scratch is also known for their beer selection including local favorites on tap, video games, and $1 ice cream cones with proceeds donated to a charity each month. 

Power Plant Juice – yet another stone’s throw away from Ignite Yoga and located adjacent to the Centerville Old Scratch Pizza location. Power Plant Juice is a gem to have in Centerville! They make fresh juice, smoothies, smoothie bowls, salads, and toasts, all made-to-order with organic and locally available ingredients. We recommend Smoothe Sailor juice, Bad Date smoothie, Rad Avo toast, and for an indulgent but healthy treat, the Peanut Butter Cup bowl. Also check out their multi-day juice cleanse offerings. Seating is limited, so plan to be flexible if busy. 

Lock 27 Brewery – Lock 27 is known as one of the first breweries in the Centerville area. The founder, Steve Barnhart, left his established career to start a brewery and also a wave in the south Dayton area. Now they have two locations, source to many local restaurants and grocery stores, and fulfill their mission of thinking differently daily. Their brewpub is loved by Centervillians for its laid-back intimate atmosphere, food, and of course, beer selection.

Loose Ends Brewing Company – Loose Ends is new business to Centerville, but it’s making waves quickly. Loose Ends Brewing Company is committed to providing delicious food to appeal to the taste of beer and non-beer lovers alike and also those with dietary restrictions. They have a chef that custom-creates every menu item and one of the owners is almost always in the establishment, ensuring the quality of every meal delivered. Their menu highlights their signature items; some of our favorites are the Crab Rangoon, Crab-Crusted Salmon, and their hand-cut french fries.


Our one-of recommendations

These are some of our favorite local businesses that are either the only one in its category or it does not have a brick and mortar location.

Bills Donut Shop – a local tradition since 1960! Bill’s is open 24 hours and has a long line on Saturdays and Sundays. If you’re looking for the one place that is most renowned in Centerville, it’s Bill’s Donut Shop.

Boosalis Bakery Boosalis is a traditional bakery now located in the Cross Pointe plaza. The one thing we have to say is, get a croissant!  

Massage Remedies –  Massage Remedies is located inside of Ignite Yoga and is our go-to for deep tissue and Swedish massage. Head to Marlene’s website to schedule today!

Mobility Fit Physical Therapy – every once in a while, we overdo it and find ourselves injured. Mobility Fit PT center focuses on the movers-and-shakers like yourself. It’s our go-to reference for ailments that extend beyond the scope of our yoga or movement practice.

Ordinarie Fare – Ordinarie Fare focuses on plant-based foods to fuel the mind and body. Ordinarie Fare isa woman-owned business that specializes in making vegan, gluten-free, raw, and/or dairy-free foods beautiful and delicious.

Whether it be a weeknight, cloudy or sunny day, a stay-cation, or just a chance to re-discover our area, Centerville offers a whole lotta community. We are proud to be located in and active community members in Centerville, Ohio and look forward to many more years of business in this amazing place. If you have a business you love that wasn’t listed, give them a shout-out below!


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