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Group yoga classes in Centerville

Are you looking for a workplace wellness activity for your team? Or a fun activity for you and a few friends? Group yoga classes work perfect for both. Ignite Yoga’s corporate and group yoga sessions are variations of our in-studio classes, modified to fit your group’s needs right here in Centerville, Ohio. They are perfect for supporting work-life balance, encouraging healthy habits, and improving the overall quality of life for your team and/or tribe.

Corporate yoga classes

If you’re an HR manager on the search for the perfect team-building activity, don’t look any further. It may seem counterintuitive, but giving your employees a much-deserved break could actually help make them more productive. Multiple studies have found a connection between exercise and staying focused. There is even evidence that money spent on wellness activities, like group yoga, can actually help save companies money in health care costs and increased productivity. Plus, yoga can help create stronger social connections and ease stress and anxiety. 

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Friends and family

Our small group yoga classes aren’t just for corporate groups. Getting friends and family together for a group yoga class can help strengthen connections in a fun, upbeat atmosphere. Sometimes it can be hard to get the girls together between your busy schedules or see your siblings as much as you’d like. By planning a yoga class, you can get some me-time and an energizing workout, all while spending time with those you care about.

Our small group yoga classes are also perfect for mother and daughter groups, birthday parties, running clubs, and even bachelorette parties. Still, really any group could benefit from a fun group yoga class in our yoga studio.

"I love that each teacher brings something different. The teachers were all great at helping to coach me into new poses that weren’t open to me before. When I was looking for a class to relax and stretch after a stressful day or strenuous workout, that teacher seemed to know just what I needed, too. I really love what you guys have to offer and I look forward to all of the growth to come!"

Yoga classes for teams 

Additionally, sports teams can benefit from our group yoga classes in Centerville, Ohio. Yoga can be a fantastic cross-training opportunity for athletes of all sports. Yoga can help athletes develop better breathing techniques and help improve balance, flexibility, core strength, and endurance. Yoga is also great for helping athletes release tension or relax before a big game. Many professional sports teams have started incorporating yoga into their training regimen because it is known to help reduce injury, maintain flexibility, increase endurance, and support that game time focus that all athletes need. 

Why us?

Ignite Yoga is a breath and movement yoga studio that can add more to any practice. Our instructors our well-trained, sociable, and are committed to making your group session one to remember. With our small group sessions, we work with the organizer to focus the yoga session on a specific intention that is personalized to your group. For instance, many corporations are eager to utilize yoga to reduce work-related stress and maintain healthy employees. Regardless of your need, we’re happy to curate your session. If you have an event idea that isn’t listed, don’t hesitate to call the studio.  

Overall, our small group yoga classes are perfect for a variety of groups. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do on the weekend with your loved ones or just want to switch up your typical girls’ night routine, we’re sure you would enjoy one of our group classes. If you have any other questions, you can contact us by clicking here


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