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It feels good to give it your all. You know that nothing stood in your way. You showed up and it. feels. good. Power yoga is about tapping into your personal power again and again so that it becomes who you are. It incorporates heat, breath, drishti, and dynamic sequencing to create a challenging and rewarding experience.

Level: Intermediate/Seasoned  

Benefits: Physical strength, improved cardiovascular health, detoxification, mental transformation

+Jam–music to enhance your practice


The more you move in a certain way, the better you get. That is the power of adaptation. Adaptation—however—does not mean balance, or wellness. To acquire these, you must diversify and inspire your practice to wake up the whole body. That is the aim of our Awaken classes—to encourage awareness, hone unfamiliar movement, and vary your breath patterns to Awaken from the inside out.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Benefits: body awareness, healthy joint movement, improved lung function

Level: Intermediate/Seasoned
Benefits: body awareness, healthy joint movement, joint stability, focus


We disperse energy in all we do—our conversations, our attention, our mental focus. We sometimes find ourselves unbalanced and unpaced. Zen brings you back to simplicity by incorporating gentle flowing movement, long deep stretches, stillness, and meditation.

Level: Beginner/All
Benefits: Relaxation, stress relief, flexibility


Our world is spinning faster and faster. It won’t stop—so you must. This class is the pause that brings your body and mind back home. It incorporates meditation, breathing practices, and contemplation.

Level: All
Benefits: Peace, clarity, awareness, kindness… the list goes on

Yoga classes in Centerville

Ignite Yoga is a yoga studio in Centerville, Ohio, that offers yoga classes and yoga workshops to diversify your movement and expand your mind. Our yoga studio offers breath and movement yoga classes that expand your existing yoga practice or creates a strong foundation for beginners. Breathing and moving together heightens your awareness to create a practice that extends beyond your mat.

"I love Ignite Yoga because not only are the teachers incredibly knowledgeable, they are warm, welcoming, kind, and fun. They assist people who are new to yoga without judgment. "

Moving with intention

All of our yoga classes are led with intention and integrity. Yoga is a work-in practice, not a work-out. Whether you’re focused on being body positive, learning how to re-frame your thoughts, or merely pausing to be in the moment—our hope is that over time you’ll be able to observe what you need and take action.

Yoga offers many benefits, including physical benefits like improving strength, balance, and flexibility, mental benefits like increased relaxation and decreased stress, and spiritual benefits like feeling a connection to something bigger than yourself.

Ignite Yoga Teacher Training Centerville

We offer all of our yoga classes in person at our yoga studio in Centerville, Ohio, and via Ignite Yoga Online. In order to provide benefits to our entire community, no matter where you are in the world, we commit to teach everyone, regardless if you are in studio or online. We aim to help every member of our community grow into the person they desire to be. 

Come as you are

Humanism is a system in which human values, interests, and dignity predominate. This means we don’t expect perfection from any of our students. Bring the body you have, the emotional baggage you might be carrying, and the stress from your multitude of responsibilities. No one attends yoga because they have it all together. We are all here to do the work, trust the practice, and learn to calm the storm within. 

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