Finally, a chance to dive deeper into yoga for regular practitioners.

Ignite Yoga's Comprehensive Course will help authenticate your yoga practice by educating on yoga asana—how to do it and how to adapt it—and sharing age-old wisdom of yoga history and philosophy to take you beyond the physical practice.

Five courses in one

• 10+ hours of video
• 35+ pose tutorials
•  6 yoga practices

• 6+ hours of video
• balance muscle actions
• passive vs active stretch

• 2 hours of video
• use of props and levers
• practice techniques

• 6+ hours of philosophy
• the Eight Limbed path
• the meaning of Om

• 1.5 hours of video
• 6 eras of yoga
• classical texts







For years, students have asked for an option to take their practice deeper without having to attend yoga teacher training. Look no further. Ignite Yoga’s Comprehensive Yoga Course teaches many principles that are taught in yoga teacher training, but applies them to you, the student, so that you can grow your personal yoga practice.

Am I doing this pose correctly?

The #1 concern from all yoga practitioners at some point in their yoga journey.

You want to do things well in order to receive the most benefit. Yoga is no different.
In the Ignite Yoga Comprehensive Course, you receive over 20 hours of content where you’ll learn:

+ how-to-do over 35+ yoga postures
+ five practices to apply what you’ve learned
+ Sun Salutations A + B – the two most common sequences in a yoga practice
+ all the ways your body is intended to move 
+ a deeper understanding of your muscles and their impact on how well your joints move
+ how to utilize props to make your practice both challenging and/or more accessible
+ how to adjust or adapt your practice no matter the reason

Guided or Self-Paced

As soon as you purchase the Online Comprehensive Course, you gain immediate access to dive into your learning. Because the course is extensive, we’re offering guidance and support for the first three months via live zoom meetings and regular communication with facilitators within the course’s group chat. However, some of you will prefer to progress through the course at your leisure, and that’s okay too. Please note:

+ all components, including meetings and group chat, are hosted in Ignite Yoga’s Virtual Studio (no Facebook needed)

+ there are no deadlines to complete the course unless you are participating in Ignite Yoga’s Yoga Teacher Training (Jan 2024)

+ you may purchase now and begin and end the course at your leisure (within 3-4 months is recommended)

+ you may join-in for as many or as few group discussions as you wish. However, the more the merrier!

With the Ignite Yoga Comprehensive Course, you will gain all the knowledge necessary to adapt your practice to meet your needs on any given day or season of your life.

Ready to feel authentic in your yoga practice?

While you could go a life time simply learning the nuances of asana, there’s an opportunity within yoga to understand the subtle realms of life. Our physical bodies are considered gross, or perishable. Therefore, in order to move deeper on our yogic journey and feel more authentic, we must be willing to learn more about ourselves beyond the capsule we live in.

Yoga is considered a science of the mind. Yoga philosophy is comprised of thousands of verses, systems, and lessons to assist in getting the mind right. Many people practice yoga for years and never take the time to dive into yoga philosophy or understand its vast history. Don’t be that student. In Ignite Yoga’s Comprehensive Course, we’ve provided a clear starting point for you to take your yoga practice beyond the mat that’s accessible and digestible. Start now.

In the yoga philosophy and history segments, you’ll receive seven hours of lecture that discuss:

+ the Eight-Limbed Path of yoga including a video on each Yama and Niyama (and what they are)
+ what is Pranayama? PLUS: a breakdown of how-to-do two common breathing exercises
+ what does Om mean? PLUS: an Omming meditation
+ the difference between concentration, meditation, and bliss
+ my favorite Yoga Sutra for everyone
+ yoga and how it relates to the oldest religion in the world
+ the eras of yoga and how it has evolved over millennia
+ historical yoga texts and how they distinguish certain eras of yoga
when yoga postures were introduced, who introduced them, and how they became mainstream

Registration closes Sept 30th.

Don't miss out...

+ Available to join now through September 30th

+ Begin the course together, end at your convenience

+ Applies toward Ignite Yoga’s 200-hour teacher training

Purchase now and receive

+ Live deep-dive sessions for first three months

+ The lowest available price that will ever be offered for this course

+ Lifetime access to the course community where you can connect with participants


+ The course is 100% hosted in Ignite Yoga’s Virtual Studio and is located in the Dashboard

+ Most sections of the course are progressive—you will receive access to the next lesson after completing the prior lesson

+ Although you have access for life, everyone who enrolls in the course is encouraged to begin now with the support of the instructor

+ It is encouraged to complete the course within 3-months for optimal learning, however, you may also self-pace

Meeting dates

+ Sunday October 1st• 12:00 – 12:30p • Introduction and answer questions regarding course

+ End of October • Date TBD • Topic TBA

+ End of November • Date TBD • Topic TBA

+ End of December • Date TBD • Topic TBA

All meetings will be recorded and shared.

Available for life.

Personal development and self-help is a multi-billion dollar industry. The problem with personal development and self-help is that you learn about a topic through written word (or listening), and feel a sense of understanding. While you may understand it, you’ve not applied nor mastered it.

Mastery. takes. time. dedication. and commitment.

You will not become a yoga master with this course. You will move forward on your yoga journey.  This course is for the dedicated student that’s ready to go deeper.

If you’ve made it this far, it’s clear you’re ready to go deeper into your yoga practice. Therefore, we’re offering this course to be yours for a lifetime. With lifetime access, you’ll have the opportunity to repeat the content as many times as necessary. Repetition is a requirement to grow or master anything. Stay the course and in a few months or years, you’ll have a fresh perspective on life.

Purchase now. Sale ends September 30th.


If you’re interested in pursuing Ignite Yoga’s Teacher Training, this course must be completed prior to the start of the program. All hours included in this course will contribute to the required hours to receive your yoga certification through Ignite Yoga.

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