Your Brain is a Unicorn

Sometimes in order to understand what something is, we have to first think about what it is not. 

The opposite of action is inaction. Not moving the needle forward. Not making the move, the call, putting the first word on a page. By dissecting the concept of inaction, hopefully, I can shed some light on what it takes to be in action, in motion, in effort moving forward. In darkness we see light, in bad times we appreciate the good. 

So let’s begin by examining what it looks like when we don’t do the work. Let’s say you want to organize your closet or pantry. You have the thought of wanting to organize your closet, but a day passes, then another, you get busy, you do something else instead. This is inaction. You have the best of intentions, you are completely aware that an organized pantry is better than an unorganized one, you know the time you could save yourself if everything was always in its place. Yet you make no effort to move forward. Now, this is hard. The thought comes and goes that this is a task you have to do, you find excuses or talk yourself out of doing the work. 

Our brains are magical. Unicorn-type magical. Our brains want comfort and ease. Doing work, figuring out something, especially when it’s challenging is the opposite. So what do we do? Usually nothing. 

Today, I want to invite you to consider, that sitting in inaction you are actually tormenting yourself more. Today, I want to offer that action is really just a decision. Today, I want to challenge you to decide that you are going to do what you said you would do. And that seemingly simple thought of “ok, I’m doing it”—is going to propel you forward more than you think. 

Action is infectious. By taking one small step a plethora of other options, steps, possibilities opens up. It is in that motion that we can keep going. It is in those tiny pockets of time that we see what we are really capable of. 

Action is possible through conscious thought. Of course, eating, brushing your teeth, driving are all actions. But when you couple it with intention and conscious effort you can find better focus, you can maximize your results by stripping away the unnecessary drama and stories we create about what it takes to do something. Committing to your life in this kind of way is a game-changer. You will show up more alert, with more focus, with more results, driving new goals, actions, and results. 

Decide. Today. On that thing. You know what you have to do. Let’s do it! 


Reka Juhasz
{ ray-ka u-has }

creative principal at paperreka

passionpreneurial feelings via newsletters

Want to learn more about Réka? You can check out her bio here.

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