How Does Yoga Help with Anxiety?

Anxiety is a condition that affects millions of Americans. It can cause several symptoms that make each daily task or activity challenging, such as feelings of worry and dread, constant fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. Those who struggle with anxiety continue to look for different methods and techniques to help treat their symptoms and overcome these daily difficulties.

While some people with anxiety disorders benefit from medications, others fear the potential side effects and are unwilling to use antidepressants or benzodiazepines. Whether as alternative or complementary treatments, it’s crucial to have other options, such as yoga. So how does yoga help with anxiety?

Practicing yoga can help those with anxiety in several ways. It can lead to a sharper brain, improved mood, and better mental health while being easily accessible and teaching useful techniques for people to try at home. Call Ignite Yoga today at 937-558-8800 to learn more about how hot yoga services can benefit you.

Benefits of Yoga as a Treatment for Anxiety

Proven Effective

It’s important to find professional studies when asking the question: Does yoga help with anxiety? There is evidence that supports yoga as an effective treatment for anxiety. 

Researchers at NYU Grossman School of Medicine conducted a randomized clinical trial to find whether yoga is more effective than stress management and cognitive behavioral therapy for generalized anxiety disorder. The study, which involved 226 adults and spanned 12 weeks, found that yoga (Kundalini yoga) and cognitive behavioral therapy are significantly more effective for treating anxiety than standard stress management education. The study did also find, however, that a higher percentage (71%) of those who tried cognitive behavioral therapy met the symptom improvement criteria than those (54%) who tried yoga.

Easily Accessible

While it may be a more effective treatment method for generalized anxiety disorder than yoga, accessing cognitive behavioral therapy can be a challenge. There are a limited number of trained therapists, and long waitlists are not uncommon. Further, therapy can be expensive, and even those with insurance may need to pay considerable out-of-pocket costs. 

Because therapy has limited access, it’s vital for people with anxiety to have other options. Yoga is more accessible to the general population than cognitive behavioral therapy while still being an effective treatment. Those with anxiety can attend large classes that are more affordable than therapy and experience numerous benefits. 

Teaches Useful Techniques

Yoga can also teach valuable techniques that those with anxiety can try at home. Different physical poses, breathing methods, and relaxation techniques stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system when stress and other symptoms of anxiety increase. The lessons people learn from yoga can even help them deal with panic attacks and improve their daily moods. 

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How does yoga help with anxiety? While not as effective as cognitive behavioral therapy, yoga is more accessible and gives people another option. It helps ease the mind and body to improve mental health and treat various symptoms. 

If you’re struggling with anxiety and want to learn about managing emotions with yoga, contact Ignite Yoga today. Call us at 805-201-9000 or book online.

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Justina Sanford

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