Why ‘going with it’ is Disempowering You

Have you ever been told to “go with it”?

This phrase is often used when we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory. Our internal sirens are buzzing and we see no way out. Then someone whispers those words “go with it”, and rather than feel empowered, you feel defeated and left with no choice.

You always have choice.

Just because there are things in life that may be out of your control, you always have a choice about how you’re going to mentally handle a situation. For instance, let’s say you’re carrying a handful of groceries and someone bumps into you, knocking them all to the ground—spilled milk everywhere. The bumping and dropping are out of your control, but here are a few examples of how you may mentally react:

  • anger: you yell at the person
  • embarrassment: you panic and scamper to get it cleaned up, hoping no one sees
  • victim: you outwardly (or inwardly) say “this kind of stuff always happens to me
  • blame: you fume all day about how they ruined your shopping experience
  • empathy: you let the person know that it’s okay, no harm done, as they apologize profusely
  • responsibility: you apologize as well for not paying attention to your surroundings

You can imagine that each of these will create a different experience for you and the person that bumped into you. Most often the reaction is by default, but it could happen by choice. And that’s the most empowering experience you can have—the one that you choose.

If I can be candid here, I’m anticipating some of the aforementioned sirens as we begin the transition into our new location. Some are easily overcomeable, such as where to put your things and how to check-in to class. Some will be more difficult, such as being flexible with where you place your mat, seeing new faces sit down beside you on a daily basis, or having to fill out some paperwork (ugh). Perhaps these aren’t things you’ve thought about yet, but we have. And in true Ignite fashion, the solution is always more powerful when we work together. All change is more impactful in numbers. Just as in the example above, each mental reaction you have will create an experience for you and for those around you.

This expansion is greater than that of just physical location. Each one of you matter as we welcome new individuals into our community to experience the powerful benefits of yoga. Discomfort will arise, sirens will go off. So we invite you to continue the work of yoga and rise to the most powerful experience of all—the one you choose. What a beautiful thing it will be if we call can “grow with it!”

Justina and the Ignite Team

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