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Starting is the hardest part. We’ve got your back.

All of us were new to yoga at some point, so you’re in good hands. It’s important to start right where you are and come with an open mind. There are a few ways to get started:

  • Our “BUILD: The Basics” workshop. This is offered periodically and perfect for the very beginner.

  • Dive into classes. You will love our ZEN or AWAKEN1 yoga classes, both completely suited for beginners. Zen incorporates gentle flowing movement, long deep stretches, stillness, and meditation. Awaken1 will create body awareness, healthy joint movement, and improved lung function. Read more about our class descriptions here.

  • Start with a few private yoga sessions. This is a quick way to get started and gives you personal 1:1 attention so you can learn quickly. Read more about our private sessions.

home practitioner

Welcome to practicing in a community.

While nothing beats the convenience of a home practice, in your heart of hearts you know that the benefits of being in a yoga studio far outweigh the convenience of home. Nothing connects you to like-minded people, grows your practice, or provides support like a studio environment. On our schedule we think you will love AWAKEN1 and AWAKEN2. These classes will expand upon your existing practice and ensure that a healthy foundation has been created. We will encourage new patterns to create a new experience on the physical, mental, and spiritual level.

Read more about our class descriptions here.


seasoned yogi

We guarantee a quality practice.

As a seasoned practitioner, you know experience. You also know what you’re looking for. All of our instructors continuously train and practice to bring you excellent yoga teaching to Ignite Yoga. While we aren’t trained in everything, what we’re good at is: teaching authentically with what we know, guiding a practice that’s easy to follow, freedom for you to improvise upon our sequence, and an environment that feels safe and welcoming. All of our yoga classes are vinyasa based with a specific intention behind each of our class styles. Visit our yoga classes page to see which class meets you where you’re at.

simply stressed

It’s not the new black.

The willingness to stop and pause is crucial to both your mental health and physical restoration. We’re wrestling with it too. That why we have ZEN and MEDITATE on our schedule. ZEN is a blend of slower movement that‘s closer to the ground, stillness, breathing, and meditation. MEDITATE is a fusion of breathing practices and meditation and is suitable to attend in your street clothes. When you leave either of these classes, you’ll feel so good, calm, and ready to face the rest of your day. As a result, you ask better questions, make better decisions, and overall be more in control of how you feel.


Ignite the Season

The holidays can be stressful, but they don’t have to be. Each year we host this event to bring together Dayton’s best small local businesses and artisans in one place to ease your holiday shopping. This night is filled with fun, food + drink, and community!

When: Thursday, November 30th
Time: 6:00p – 9:00p

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