Updates – It’s Hard, but We’re Going to Keep Going

The last few months have been hard. Really, really hard. This time is truly unprecedented. And although it’s difficult, I know from my experience of other hard times that something truly great is on the other side. It’s going to be something we’re all proud of. As hard as it is to be moving through this time, it’s also really, really exciting!

But in the meantime, we have to keep fighting the good fight. Every day is a challenge; some days less so than others, but still a challenge nonetheless. And while I’m not one to shy away from being stretched (pun intended), eventually you hit a threshold. And at that threshold, your focus goes from many things to one thing that’s in front of you. The seemingly plausible next step.

The tough part? No one is going to tell you what that next step is. There is no green light that will turn on. Everything is yellow and you have to proceed with caution. The tougher part? In the eyes of someone, you won’t get it right. Someone will disagree. That’s a super difficult pill to swallow for humans that have a need to belong. The toughest part? We have to keep moving forward regardless. We will become more resilient, but hopefully not harden. Hopefully, our hearts become more open in the process.

We’ve been receiving a lot of emails with questions, which we love. This time is tough, but one thing we won’t stop doing is making Ignite Yoga better for you. It’s been a little while since we’ve provided an update, but we’ve been working on a few things. Some are announcements but some we will need your help.
First, if you have five minutes, please take our survey.

Otherwise, please read on.


The World Health Organization has deemed the novel corona virus a worldwide pandemic. Due to its nature, an updated liability waiver and student agreement need signed in order to attend in-studio classes.

We Need Your Help: We highly recommend printing these documents off at home, reading through them, and bringing a signed copy with you to your next class. This saves time at check-in and prevents cross handling of a pen. View documents here.

PS – feeling tech savvy? Access your Mindbody Account, choose documents, and upload the signed files!

With the addition of in-studio classes, it has brought on some confusion about how to differentiate registering for in-studio vs livestream. There are three different platforms to register from—the Ignite Yoga website, the Mindbody App on mobile devices, and your actual Mindbody account.

Ignite Yoga Website

Mindbody App

  • all classes (livestream and in-studio) are supposed to show up on the Mindbody App, although lately there have been glitches
  • Livestream classes are always preceded with the word “LIVESTREAM.” (i.e. LIVESTREAM: Zen) If the class is not preceded with this word, you are registering for an in-studio class
  • If LIVESTREAM classes are not showing in the Mindbody App, please use Ignite Yoga’s website to register

Your Mindbody Account

  • Your Mindbody account will show all classes
  • All livestream classes are preceded with the word “LIVESTREAM.” All other classes are in-studio.

PLEASE NOTE: the only way to receive a LIVESTREAM link is to be registered for a LIVESTREAM class. If you are put on a waitlist, you will not receive a livestream link.

Our waitlist works with our four hour cancellation window. If you are put on a waitlist and someone “early cancels” (prior to the four hours), you will automatically be put into class. You will receive notification via email and/or text message based on your contact settings in your Mindbody Account. We recommend opting to receive a text message. In summary, you will know four hours prior to class whether or not you are in the class.
If someone “late cancels” (within the four hour window), you will not be notified or put into the class. The spot remains open. If you’re on a waitlist and it aligns with your schedule, best practice is to call the studio 20-30 minutes before class and ask the instructor if any spots have opened up. If it has, you can zip on over (assuming proximity).

We Need Your Help: please try not to late cancel. We hate charging fees. Please monitor your waitlists and remove yourself if you do not plan to attend class.

We are so grateful for your attendance on livestreams. Every time we see you, it reminds us that you’re still with us—still fighting that good fight.

We realize there have been tech issues that we are continuously troubleshooting (it’s clear why there is a four year degree for this kind of stuff, am I right?!). We’ve come to the decision that we can serve you better by transitioning to a more professional platform. While the platform will remove our ability to see you, we hope that it will:

  • eliminate many of our tech issues caused by integrating multiple platforms
  • remove the need to register or access your email (the class will be ready and waiting for you)
  • provide on-demand classes and livestream access all in one location
  • make your experience better and provide more value

This will take some time to prepare. Our goal is to have this launched by the end of July. More details to come!

As we continue to reopen and rebuild, we ask that you update your Mindbody account information.
We suggest updating the following:

  • Ensure your mobile phone is on file
  • Include an address on file
  • Opt-in to “News and Promos”
  • Opt-in to text notifications for “Reminders and Schedule Changes”
  • Your billing information
  • Your birthday
  • Your emergency contact information
  • Upload updated addendum if possible

You may remove the suspension from your membership at any time by emailing info@igniteyogadayton.com. We currently have July 31st listed to remove the free suspension. Please participate in this survey to help us assess if we need to reevaluate.
PHEW! Thank you for taking the time to stay up-to-date. Hope to see you real soon!

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