Understanding Your Online and In-Studio Memberships

In March 2020, we were all forced to adapt. Everything shut down, and to stay in business and survive, we had to pivot quickly. This forceful pivot became a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it forced businesses to offer new or additional services; some they perhaps saw in the well off future or they had of lower priority. On the other hand, there was little time to critically think about these new endeavors and how each decision may impact the future of the business. The situation forced reactive rather than proactive adaptations, an unsustainable way to run any business, and not the way we are accustomed to here at Ignite Yoga.

But here we are, grateful to see 2021 and finally able to clean up some of the mess that came with 2020. Our big pivot in 2020 was the introduction of live streaming and on-demand yoga classes. With this came a torturous degree of learning: from new or emerging technology to multiple software options; each with a unique selling and price point. Which one to choose? Then, add a little “Lights-Cameras-Action,” a handful of microphones and headsets, and the Power + Jam yoga class was back in action, so to speak. To the onlooker, you might think, “how hard could that be?” But rest assured, if it’s still described as “torturous,” it was a grueling few months.

Through those months, we transitioned our live streaming options a few different times until we finally landed on a sustainable and maintainable option that essentially opened up another Ignite Yoga “location”—Ignite Yoga Online.The Ignite Yoga Online platform hosts our on-demand yoga classes, provides access to live stream yoga classes, and provides the ability to host yoga workshops, private sessions, and extended courses—all online. Better yet, it allows students nationwide (and perhaps someday worldwide) to enjoy Ignite Yoga.

For those of you able to attend in-studio, this new “location” can be quite confusing. While it seems to be inclusive with our current brick and mortar offerings, especially in regards to our Classic and Classic+ Memberships, Ignite Yoga Online is actually an entirely separate business. So in the remainder of this blog post, I aim to clarify the differences between: 

  • The Ignite Yoga Online and Online+ Memberships 
  • The in-studio Classic and Classic+ Memberships 
  • Services that are offered via Ignite Yoga Online and Ignite Yoga (brick & mortar)


“In-studio” refers to any class or event that you physically attend at our brick and mortar or a designated location (i.e. local park or retreat center). Think—you could actually reach out and touch someone (if we weren’t still physically distancing, of course).

These in-studio memberships include a handful of benefits, such as

  • discounts on workshops and events
  • discounts on teacher training
  • discounts on retail
  • more

All of these benefits apply to in-studio memberships only. However, as a value to our Classic and Classic+ members, at times we will be able to offer additional discounts and opportunities. In the midst of the pandemic, one of these opportunities included a discount to becoming a member of our new Ignite Yoga Online platform, so that you could practice safely from a remote location. Some of you are exclusively practicing remotely using your Ignite Yoga Online or Online+ Memberships, others are in-person at the brick and mortar Ignite Yoga studio using Classic or Classic+ Memberships, while others are utilizing both and have a membership to both locations of Ignite Yoga. At the risk of repetitious ad nauseum, it bears repeating that Ignite Yoga Online Memberships are separate from Ignite Yoga studio Classic or Classic+ Memberships:

  • Ignite Yoga Online is charged separately
  • it requires a different website link
  • you may be using a different credit card
  • you may have different logins and passwords to access your Ignite Yoga Online account
  • you’ll see different bundles, workshops, etc offered online that are not available in-studio (and vice versa)

There is no option to pay one fee and receive both memberships. 

All this brings us now to further explain our Online memberships.


Although we use the same word “membership,” an online membership operates differently than an in-studio Classic or Classic+ Membership. “Online” refers to anything that is hosted via ourIgnite Yoga Online platform. Think—you must look at a computer or mobile device to participate. Ignite Yoga Online Memberships have no included discounts or benefits and your in-studio discounts do not apply (remember, they are separate). For online membership, the benefit lies in the value of the product you choose. Here is a breakdown of our two online memberships.

Online Membership $39/month

First two weeks free
Live stream classes
On-demand yoga classes in Ignite Yoga Signature styles 

Online+ Membership $49/month

First two weeks free
Live stream classes
On-demand yoga classes in Ignite Yoga signature styles
On-demand yoga classes by focus (i.e. shoulders, core)
Yoga pose tutorials

For only $10 additional, you receive more value with your Online+ Membership. CLICK HEREto see for yourself, how much more you receive with Online+.

There are a few other things that are unique about our online platform and online business in general.

All payments must be made by the consumer – This means that we cannot register you for Ignite Yoga Online classes, courses, or workshops, or process your memberships. All activities must be initiated by the student within their Ignite Yoga Online account.

All cancellations must be made by the consumer – If you wish to no longer receive our Ignite Yoga Online Membership, you must make all the appropriate “clicks” to opt out.

All payment changes must be made by the consumer – Often a credit card needs changed, perhaps due to expiration, being lost or stolen, or you simply wish to use a new one. Because every transaction occurs remotely, you must make all credit card changes within your account.

This may seem excessive but it’s all for your benefit. Allowing the consumer to take control of their account prevents the likelihood of fraudulent charges. You’ll find these same kinds of practices when you utilize Netflix, Amazon, or even Peloton. Of course, if you do have account troubles, we are here to assist you as best we can. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Ultimately, we encourage you to think of these memberships as separate entities. If you were to move away from Dayton, your Online Membership could live on. And vice versa; if you ever find you’re not utilizing your Online Membership, you may cancel it at any time without it impacting your studio Classic or Classic+ Membership.*

Regardless of whether you join us in-studio or online, we greatly appreciate your flexibility (pun) as we all maneuver from pandemic, through variations and vaccinations, and into discovering the new normal together. The pivoting isn’t over yet, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Shine On yogis!

*if you cancel your online membership,  preexisting discounts are resigned with termination. We welcome you to join again at any time, at which point a new offer may be available. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Ignite Yoga Online Members

How do I change my password or access my account?

How do I change my credit card number? 

How do I cancel my Ignite Yoga Online membership?

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