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If you are a new or returning student to Ignite Yoga, come on in for a warm hug. We are so very excited you are with us. This blog post promises to cover some of the most asked questions and maybe even some that don’t get asked, but are helpful to know. It’s never easy to start something new and many of your hesitations were probably ours back in the day. However, we’ve watched yoga change lives, and we bet it can change yours, too.

First—the basics. As learned, not all yoga studios are created equal. Each has different goals and ambitions. At Ignite we like to empower, commune, and have fun.

These three core values, combined with a style of Vinyasa-based yoga (more on that later), pack a powerful punch. The benefits are plenty: 

  • Keeping your body healthy and mobile by reducing aches, pains, and stiffness
  • Improving focus
  • Creating mental respite and reducing stress
  • Discovering inner strength to cope with anxiety, frustration, and worry
  • Connecting to yourself and to an amazing community
  • Having fun.  This one is important if you hang with us.   

Bottom line: Ignite aims to improve the quality of life. Every ability, age and level of background. Which brings us back to our core values:

Empowerment. It’s a tough world out there, folks. Every day can be a journey, and a different one at that. Your life is a rolodex of people and a constant whirlwind of situations—some of which deserve your time and energy and some that do not. It’s difficult to tell the difference. Through an empowering yoga practice, confidence is gained and clarity on where best to expend your energy is realized.

Community. Members of a community can be bonded by something simple like a physical address or a person’s demographic. But as humans, we always crave more. At Ignite, we strive to let you know that you are welcome just as you are. This culture of openness and acceptance has bonded our studio in a special way.

Fun. It’s tiring to be so serious all of the time. It’s tiring to keep up the perfect appearance. It’s tiring to meet worldly expectations. Actually, it’s beyond tiring- it’s exhausting. Traditionally, yoga is a pretty serious practice, and while it still is at Ignite, we also like to have fun. Take your practice seriously but yourself lightly. At Ignite, we are not above a good belly laugh, as laughter is truly good for the soul.

So let’s plug in, and here’s how:


Beginner Series

Designed for true beginners who may feel a little nervous to start yoga and are not sure what it’s all about.  This series is an informal introduction that breaks down the practice of yoga piece-by-piece.

Basic Flow

Designed for all levels, this is an unheated class that moves through basic yoga postures and utilizes them to activate and awaken your body. It is welcoming to beginners who have some familiarity with physical movement and seasoned practitioners who are looking to reconnect with the foundational poses.

Gentle Flow

Designed for beginners,  this class is a less challenging version of our Basic Flow class and moves at a slower pace while still incorporating the concepts of vinyasa (breath and movement). This is a great place to start for beginners who are looking for a gradual start but want to bypass the Beginner Series.

Vin & Yin

Designed for all levels, this is a unique class that combines the practices of Yin yoga (or more static postures) and our signature vinyasa style of teaching.  This is a bit more challenging than our Basic Flow class but we break it down so it’s still welcoming for beginners.


Power Flow

Designed for the curious, this heated vinyasa class focuses on movement, flow, breathing, sweat, and getting in all of the feels we can. This power flow class incorporates almost any type of position—handstands, arm balances, backbends–to awaken our bodies and minds, get out of our “boxes” and get present on the mat. 

Vin & Yin

Designed for the intermediate practitioner and appropriate for beginners, this class often includes a breakdown of some more intermediate postures to continue to grow your practice. It’s welcoming and optional, so take your practice wherever you would like.


Once upon a time, yoga was free. No dollar signs to be found. Today, everything seems to have a price, yoga included. It adds value to life, creating an undeniable return on investment. However, sometimes yoga class just doesn’t make it into the family budget, and we’ve been there, too. We believe yoga can be a gift, maybe one of the best gifts one can receive.

So, if you’re in this boat, good news awaits. Ignite offers community classes for those that want to plug in, but are financially all plugged out. Join us for a group session and come, sans wallet. Our family is wide and welcoming and no registration is necessary. These classes are clearly defined with the word “community.”


For all in-studio classes, registration can be done online. Please show up ten minutes early and we suggest bringing the following:

  • mat (we have some in studio to borrow, if necessary)
  • hand towel
  • water
  • yoga apparel (you can now justify that entire drawer of stretchy pants!)

NEW STUDENTS receive their first month unlimited for $40.

Despite our best attempts at covering all the bases, we may have skimmed over something. Don’t be afraid to reach out with any additional questions or concerns. We can’t wait to plug in together!

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