Overcoming Challenges with Marsha Danzig

Marsha Danzig, C-IAYT, RYT 500, M.ed Harvard, is the founder of Yoga for Amputees® , which helps provide health, wellness, freedom of movement, psychological healing, spiritual renewal and a deep sense of wholeness to people who have experienced limb loss. Marsha lost her leg in 1976 to Ewing’s sarcoma, but she has been teaching and training others in yoga for over two decades because she is passionate about imparting her lived experience of adaptive yoga and embodied movement.

We were lucky enough to talk with Marsha as a part of our new series where we highlight members of the yoga community who really emulate values of living powerfully. Marsha and her story really inspired us. We were already impressed with Marsha’s masters in education from Harvard University, her completion of a 500 hour yoga training, and her reiki master level, so we were excited to get to get a chance to have a personal interview with her.

1. Where can we find you on your mat? 

Right now with the shutdown, I seem to be doing a lot of pranayama and mantra practices. In terms of asana, I am teaching Online Yoga for Amputees Classes and my Chakra Immersion Program. Also  I have been hanging out via Facebook  with Deva Premal and Jai Uttal , who have been generously offering mantra events online. Asana hasn’t been calling me at all in my personal practice. I just seem to want to sit in the presence of God and breathe.

2. What is a challenge that has really helped you to grow? 

Being near death so many times is a great gift to see the value of life and treasure every waking moment. What people see in class, that I do yoga with an artificial leg, is the smallest part of what I have overcome for the last 50 years.  Chronic adaptivity is it’s own form of grace, and I feel very cloaked in hope because of it.

3. Where do you feel most at home? 

Dancing flamenco and Paris.

4. What is one thing you’ve learned on your mat? 


5. What’s been your greatest adventure? 

Whatever is coming next! I think the adventure of life is being open to it.

6. Where else are you lighting it up these days? 

I started offering psychic intuitive sessions again and it is exploding. I absolutely love hanging out in the space between worlds which feels very holy and timeless. I created a website, started offering free sessions each week on Facebook and now book sessions online. I am excited to see how this continues.

7. What is something you aspire to do in life?

I would really like to be fluent in Spanish.

8. Is there anything else about yourself you would like to share? 

I have survived so much. Because of that , dressing up is a must! Each day is just too special to waste on sweats!!!!

 9. What is one thing you know to be true? 

God is real and lives through our breath.  Miracles are happening ALL THE TIME.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Marsha as much as we did. You can find Marsha on her Instagram @yogaforamputees and her website: yogaforamputees.com.

About the Author

Justina Sanford

Justina Sanford

Justina is the owner of Ignite Yoga in Dayton, Ohio and 500 E-RYT yoga instructor. She's been teaching yoga for 15 years utilizing various yoga methodologies and has a passion for nudging people to discover what they're capable of, both on and off the mat. Justina loves to facilitate powerful experiences that often include dharma talks (life talks), breathing practices, visionwork, journaling, music, meditation, and sometimes even some unconventional methods. Justina is a former Music Therapist that has discovered a passion for entrepreneurship and helping people succeed. When she's not teaching classes, she's coaching and mentoring her staff or working to improve Ignite Yoga for students and teachers alike. Outside of small business ownership, Justina loves nature, fitness, cooking, culture, singing, and learning. Alongside her husband Chris, they take care of their three rescue dogs and travel often for outdoor adventures.

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