Fall into Flow

Do you know some people have a fear of pumpkins?!  It’s called cucurbitophobia.  Well not this girl… I LOVE Fall.  My love is well beyond your typical enjoyment of the season… it’s the opposite of a phobia.  Every year my pumpkin season get’s earlier and earlier.  There was one day in July that felt like Fall, so I decided that was the start of my season and I enjoyed my first pumpkin smoothie.  Slowly everything pumpkin, maple, apple, squash, has seeped into my life.  It’s been glorious. 

I flow so easily into Fall.  It’s like we’re a perfect fit.  And then I wonder: Why can’t everything be this simple? 

In my classes and conversations, I encourage others to find a sense of ease and flow in their lives, yet this is one thing I come up against most.  I have a conflict between my fears and what I really want in life and it creates a serious struggle inside. You could say #thestruggleisreal !

When I’m in this place of struggle, my fears are winning.  I’ve lost faith and more importantly, I’ve lost my flow.  The thing I want the least, I attract the most.  I begin to do all of the behaviors that I don’t want.  Here’s an example: Let’s say you want to be a stay-at-home mom.  You’ve decided the best way to do this is to work harder and longer hours to make more money that will allow you to stay at home.  What’s gained is more money, but what is lost is what you wanted; more time with your kids.  When we try hard we create strain and struggle and we lose ease and flow.  We believe the more we do, the more we get, which is true in many situations, but not all.  Instead, we often become further away from what we want because we are trying so hard to get there.  Trust me, I can relate. 

So what’s the answer? 

It’s as simple as I wanted it to be really.  The answer is acceptance. Being okay with where you are.  It’s the difference between being okay even though your a working mom or it totally ruining your life.  If it’s ruining your life, you’re in for a miserable hull.  If you’re okay with it, you’ve moved into acceptance and the weight of trying to get somewhere goes away.  The weight of trying to get somewhere goes away, but not the desire.  We so often attach weight with desire, and what happens is we feel heavy, and often become heavy from the stress of it.  When we drop the weight and allow acceptance, it gives us the willingness to stay and the space to move forward at the same time.  You will have a powerful shift from trying hard to trying easy. 

Over the next few weeks, notice the areas of your life that feel heavy.  Discover where it is that you are not accepting and make a commitment to drop the heaviness of your desires.  Fall into flow so that you become immensely attractive for what you do want. 

Love and Light

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