5 Yoga Exercises to Release Trapped Emotions in the Body

Our bodies hold on to emotions long after we think we have worked through them. Physical tension is a result of emotional tension. When you use yoga exercises to release trapped emotions, you find synchronicity in your emotional and physical well-being. 

At Ignite Yoga, we offer transformative hot yoga services in Dayton, Ohio, to help you free trapped emotions. 

These five gentle and deep poses are appropriate for bodies of any skill level. You can alter each one to fit your comfort level as you reconnect with your mind and body and release stress.

Balasana: Child’s Pose

Aptly named, child’s pose evokes the memory of the childhood experience. Here, you can just exist with no obligations or demands, just like a child. Stretch your body, relax your mind, and allow your feelings to flow.

Start by kneeling on the mat. Unzip your spine and roll down, extending your arms and torso forward until your forehead is as close to the mat as your body comfortably allows. Practice deep breathing, and permit any emotions to come and go, washing over you and then leaving again, just like the ocean tide. 

Viparita Karani: Vertical Leg Stretch

This position offers a beautiful surrender of emotional energy. Lift your legs vertically against the wall as you lie on your back. Put a pillow under your hips to make it more comfortable, or cover yourself with a blanket to promote personal sanctuary as you warm to frozen emotions. 

Prasarita Padottanasana: Inverted Bend 

This inverted pose is one of the best exercises to release trapped emotions. Stand with your feet just beyond shoulder width apart. 

Breathe in through your nose as you reach up, then release and hinge at the waist. Feel the weight of your upper body as your nervous system settles.

Continue to breathe deeply, releasing muscle tension with each exhalation.

Malasana: Deep Crouch Position 

After the emotional release of the inverted bend, inhale and bend your knees into a deep crouch. Widen your feet to feel more comfortable. Ideally, your heels will dig into the ground as you inhale and feel the stretch in your hips. This soothing stretch frees stuck emotions before you move on to the final position for emotional release.

Savasana: Relaxed Supine Position

This simple position is beautifully restorative and a serene way to end your session.

Lie on your back, palms up. Focus on releasing tension from each part of your body as you continue your deep breathing cycle. It’s alright if you end up falling asleep as you release nervous energy in the body. Let your body rest. 

Namaste- I Bow to You

People of all ages benefit from yoga. Returning to these exercises to release trapped emotions allows you to relinquish the hold stress and trauma have on your body.

At Ignite Yoga, we acknowledge the connection between yoga and emotions and can help you recenter through your yoga practice. 

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About the Author

Justina Sanford

Justina Sanford

Justina is the owner of Ignite Yoga in Dayton, Ohio and 500 E-RYT yoga instructor. She's been teaching yoga for 15 years utilizing various yoga methodologies and has a passion for nudging people to discover what they're capable of, both on and off the mat. Justina loves to facilitate powerful experiences that often include dharma talks (life talks), breathing practices, visionwork, journaling, music, meditation, and sometimes even some unconventional methods. Justina is a former Music Therapist that has discovered a passion for entrepreneurship and helping people succeed. When she's not teaching classes, she's coaching and mentoring her staff or working to improve Ignite Yoga for students and teachers alike. Outside of small business ownership, Justina loves nature, fitness, cooking, culture, singing, and learning. Alongside her husband Chris, they take care of their three rescue dogs and travel often for outdoor adventures.

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