Challenges With Gratitude

I watched a personal development video from a friend this week.  She spoke about our trials and the type of language we use when we are in a trying situation.  I’m sure you all can relate to phrases like:

  • “When will my break come?”
  • “This isn’t working, and I’m just not sure I can do it.”
  • “I’m putting in so much work, but I’m just not seeing the results.”
  • “Is this the right fit for me?”

I know for myself, any time I come up against a challenge, these questions subconsciously run through my brain.  I thought they were normal, which they are. But I would notice that the challenge would start to feel heavier the more these thoughts would run through my brain.  What at first seemed like a problem to get through, now feels like I need an army by my side. 

Part of our yoga practice is to interrupt habitual patterns of thinking.  I know for many of you, you have an image of something you want.  Perhaps it’s a thriving business or relationship. Maybe it’s to improve your communication skills. Or, it could even be a desire to change how you view your world, especially if there are multiple things that aren’t working. These things that you want are not possible without challenges.  So why is it that we get so flustered when we actually get what we asked for?  Did you think your communication would be fabulous without going through some messy conversations?  Did you believe your business would thrive without being challenged mentally or even financially? If you did, then right there is where your habitual pattern of thinking needs a switch.  

So this past week, as the video suggested, I began to change the way I think about my challenges.  Immediately the Universe started to conspire and I was presented with way more trying challenges.  Lucky me.  Although there is a little sarcasm there, that is actually how I began to respond.  Every conversation, every interaction, and everything that probed me in any way, I immediately said “Thank You.” Thank you for giving me this challenge that is going to help me to grow.  Thank you for giving me this conversation that allows me to improve the way I communicate.  And thank you for this situation that gives me the opportunity to take a challenge and turn it into a creation.  It may not be easy, but this is actually what I asked for.


So as you continue on your journey to whatever it is that you want, experience your challenges with gratitude.  It doesn’t necessarily make them easier, but it softens your approach and allows you to move with more grace and ease through them. 


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