Calm Down with Breath

4-7-8 Breath or Calming Breath

As we talk about peace this month, it is important to note that the theoretical and spiritual conversations that occur around inner and outer peace can be and should be supplemented with physical tools as well. Try this breathing technique to calm your mind and get your body and mind in harmony:

  • Find a comfortable seated position. 
  • Empty the air out of your lungs completely. -Breathe in through your nose for 4 counts (or seconds)
  • Hold your breath for 7 sounds (or seconds)
  • Exhale through the mouth forcefully for 8 counts (or seconds)
  • Repeat the inhale (4-count), hold (7-count) and exhale (8-count) for 4 cycles. 
  • Return to your normal breathing pattern.

You are welcome to do this breath for a long duration then 4 cycles. Simply set a time for three or five minutes. Sit quietly for a moment afterwards, then return to your normal activity.


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