3 Signs It’s Time to Take Your Yoga Practice to the Next Level

Many yogis find themselves wondering if the time is right to take their yoga practice to the next level. Perhaps you have already been practicing on a consistent basis for some time now. You’re dedicated, you give it your best, and you’re open to learning more and going deeper.

These are all good clues that you’re primed and prepared to take the next steps in your yoga journey, but perhaps there are even more significant indicators that you’re truly ready to level up.

#1 You’re up for a CHALLENGE in your yoga practice

During class, you may often find yourself following the instructor’s optional cues to explore an asana more deeply, while still listening to your body’s cues and limits. You’re present in the experience, and less focused on what a pose looks like, and more observant of how it feels. 

Some yogis are goal-oriented, preferring to focus on advancing in particular aspects of certain specific asanas:

✔ floating to the front of the mat

✔ straightening their arms in crow pose

✔ flipping the grip in dancer pose

✔ mastering the physical balance, strength, and flexibility necessary to perform scorpion pose

Of course, these aspects are not a prerequisite to having a deeper yoga practice by any means—to each their own! In fact, most yoga poses can and should be modified to accommodate the particular body and practice of the yogi in question. And it’s important to note that not every asana has to form part of your practice. But yoga is FUN and can help us remember to celebrate the miracle that is our human body.

And while it’s true that certain physical capabilities are oftentimes conferred upon the yogi with a consistent and dedicated asana practice, this aspect may not be the particular sign that YOU need in order to take the next step.

#2 You find yourself wanting MORE from your yoga practice

So perhaps you’re feeling up for a new challenge, but you’re more interested in moving beyond making shapes with your body; something beyond the physical is calling you. And of course, a dedicated asana practice is essential, but that’s not really the whole shebang. Far more important is finding stillness and balance in your body, breath, mind, and spirit. In other words, you’re also engaged in the bigger picture yoga components, like pranayama, the yamas and niyamas, and meditation.

So if you’re at a point where you’re willing to take ownership of your own practice, you’re eager to grow, and you’re looking to integrate yoga into the other areas of your life—your relationships, your community, and your inner self—you’re likely ready for the next step in your yoga practice.

#3 You’d like to SHARE your yoga practice

“Our yoga practice might start out being about ourselves, but eventually we outgrow that. The great masters are those who make their practice about others.” 

—Baron Baptiste

Your life has been deeply and positively impacted by strengthening and stretching your body and mind through yoga. Many practitioners first come to yoga to heal both external injuries and internal aches. And someone who has used yoga for rehabilitation understands on a deep level the intrinsic value and benefits of a dedicated practice. You’ve likely experienced using your body to re-train your brain to downshift from a stress response back to homeostasis, and know what a profound game-changer it is.

You’ve seen and felt first-hand the life-changing effects of yoga, and understand on a personal level that the more you practice yoga, the more peace you invite into other aspects of your life. For this reason, you sincerely wish that everyone else was able to share in that experience, because society would be a far more pleasant place if so. Plus, it’s also just nice to be around other people who ‘get it’. 

So if you’re ready to spread the light and love far and wide, then you’re ready for the next step!

The next level for your yoga practice in Centerville

So you want to learn more, do more, connect more, and share more yoga goodness. We’ve got you covered!

Special Events, Courses, and Workshops

You can take your practice up a notch by joining us for fun and informational courses, workshops, and special events we hold regularly each month. These special events offer instruction on niche topics our students are interested in, as well as extra quality time to connect with other like-minded yogis. 

Private Yoga Classes

Another amazing and under-utilized way to progress and develop your yoga practice is to sign up for private classes. Because of the popularity of large group yoga classes, most people don’t realize how personalized yoga can actually be. And if you’re a wallflower, they are a great alternative to group classes.

A private session is a highly individualized approach for experiencing a class designed specifically with your needs and desired results in mind. The one-on-one sessions with your instructor are completely customized based on your own unique body patterns, and you will learn about and target specific muscle groups and breathing techniques tailored to you. Our current clients love having a class completely devoted to them and their personal well-being.

All of our instructors offer private classes, and you can find their availability online or ask about them next time you’re in the studio!

Yoga Teacher Training

So you’d like to move forward on your yoga journey and you’d like to share the gifts of yoga with others, then you may be ready for the next step of taking a yoga teacher training course.

It’s a common misconception that you must be “good” at the asana aspect in order to teach yoga. There’s no need to nail full splits, handstands, or any other complex asanas in order to be an amazing and impactful yoga teacher. There are all kinds of students in need of all kinds of teachers.

We should note though that these courses are not exclusively for aspiring teachers. Many yogis are looking for a way to expand their own practice by learning more about anatomy, physiology, the history of yoga, etc… and a YTT course is an all-encompassing education. 

Additionally, completing a yoga teacher training course often has the effect of fostering fellowship with the other yogi students. The intense experience encourages lasting connections and lifelong friendships—an amazing side benefit.

If you’re ready to “stretch” yourself further,—mind, body, and spirit—check out our tips for choosing the yoga teacher training program that would suit you best. Or feel free to apply now for more information about Ignite Yoga’s Yoga Teacher Training in Centerville

One’s yoga path is an ever-evolving, ever-lasting journey, and we’d be honored to be a bigger part of yours ❤️

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