2022 Summer Reading List

Reading is one of the best ways to expand the mind. Regardless if you’re lost in a great romance novel or learning how to DIY your next home project, reading reduces stress, improves concentration, increases knowledge, and best of all, it’s entertaining. We highly recommend reading as a way to slow down and enjoy the longer days of summer. Curl up under a tree, on your back porch, by the pool, on the beach, or inside on a rainy day and become lost in a good book in a matter of minutes. Even better, reading is a beneficial substitution to scrolling social media, binge-watching Netflix, or other unsavory habits you may be trying to set aside. The benefits of reading are countless.

Our Ignite Yoga instructors and students love to read. Since we pull from a diverse group of individuals, we learn about the best books from various genres such as personal development, New York Times Bestsellers, and of course, amazing fiction and non-fiction novels. Since reading is a favorite summer pastime all around, we gathered insight from instructors and students to put together Ignite Yoga’s Best of Summer Reading List along with quick links to purchase (click on the book to be sent to the purchase page. Every purchase made through the link helps Ignite Yoga). If you have a book recommendation that didn’t make it onto our list, leave it in the comments below!

Feel free to share this list via sharing this blog post with your fellow book-lovers! And happy reading!

Ignite Yoga's Favorite Nonfiction Novels

Ignite Yoga's Favorite Fiction Novels

Ignite Yoga's Favorite Personal Development Books

Books On Our "To-Read" List

Best Ways to Snag Your Books

The best thing about ready is that it’s inexpensive, if not free. Many readers like to purchase books so that they may highlight and take notes, while others prefer to read and return. Here are our favorite ways to grab the titles we love.

  1. Washington-Centerville Public Libraries
    Centerville, Ohio has two amazing libraries: Centerville Library and Woodbourne Library. You can create an account online to receive a temporary library card and reserve books. If your library of choice doesn’t have the book, they will transfer it for you so that you can pick it up at your library of choice.

  2. Amazon
    All books above are available on Amazon by simply clicking the title. When you purchase from the links provided, you also help out your local yoga studio, Ignite Yoga.

  3. Use Ignite Yoga’s Free Library
    All of our instructors are reading enthusiasts. When their bookshelves need tidying, many books make their way to Ignite Yoga for you to borrow. Simply find the library card and record your checkout date. There’s no time-frame to return, but please be mindful that someone else may like to borrow the book.

  4. 2nd & Charles
    2nd & Charles is a second-hand books store located just down the road from Centerville in Kettering, Ohio. You can take your lonely books there to possibily be purchased, but more importantly you can find great titles for a fraction of the price.

  5. Borrow from a Friend
    A great thing about reading is that it can build connection with other people. Ask your friends if they have a favorite book and if you can borrow it or perhaps a book swap. Read the books and then chat about them on your next coffee date!

Give us a tag on instagram @ignite_yoga when you start reading your books! And don’t forget to leave your favorite book below so we can build our repertoire. Happy reading!

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