Fitness Studio Rental

Many yoga instructors, coaches, and holistic practitioners are limited in their ability to grow their business simply because they have no space to provide their service. Well look no further, Ignite Yoga is a large beautiful yoga studio that begs to be shared and our small fitness studio is available to rent.

Make More Money By Renting A Fitness Studio

Are you tired of limited space limiting your income?

It’s easy to see the earning potential of having private yoga clients, hosting nutrition workshops, or seeing 1:1 health coaching clients, but finding the space to host these gatherings can be tricky. Trust us, we know. Ignite Yoga really began from an apartment leasing office. Every week  furniture was moved to the sides and space heaters set-up to accommodate 8 people for a yoga class, only to rearrange it again 60-minutes later. While we got a workout in moving all that furniture, it seemed there had to be a better option. Flash forward 10 years later, Ignite Yoga created the solution.

Our small yoga and fitness studio is available to rent with variable pricing options to suit your needs. With our fitness studio rental, we provide you the freedom to grow your business at your own pace with unrestricted earning potential

A Fitness Studio Rental With Simplicity

Save yourself the hassle:
  • No Long Term Rent
  • No Startup Costs
  • No Build-out Costs
  • No Long-term Contracts
  • No Maintenance Costs
  • No Utility Costs
  • No Building Insurance
  • No Commitments
  • No Overhead
  • No Worries


Do you dream of managing your own schedule and having the freedom and flexibility to work when you want? With Ignite Yoga’s fitness studio rental, you can. You can be your own employer and teach whenever you want. You can be at home with your kids by day and teach your mat pilates class at night. You can travel and reschedule with your clients so you’ll never lose a dime. Ultimately, you can arrange all your sessions at times that are convenient for both you and your clients.|

In addition, you’ll find flexibility with the way you offer your services. Many fitness studio rentals take a percentage of your income earned, which can leave a question mark on how much income you’ll generate and it can limit profits for yourself or your business. However, with Ignite Yoga’s small fitness studio rental, you know your fees to Ignite Yoga upfront, and you can price your service fees accordingly. The best part, as your business grows and your prices go up, you never pay a dime more. So regardless of the service you are providing,  you can design a program that meets your business goals with no membership obligations. Create your own following and earn as much as you want!

More Than a Fitness Studio Rental

Small room rental is perfect for:
  • private sessions
  • workshops
  • yoga classes*
  • talks
  • clubs
  • group meetings
  • quiet work space
  • photography session
  • a nap

*yoga classes must not conflict with Ignite Yoga offerings

Ignite Yoga’s small yoga and fitness studio rental is perfect for anyone in Dayton, Ohio that simply needs a place to gather. While this may be to expand your health and wellness business, it could also be to host your Centerville mom’s group, vision-board birthday party, or the quiet escape you need to work on your online business.

Fitness Studio Rental Features and Amenities

Every rental includes access to the following amenities at Ignite Yoga.

  • Lobby area excluding use of fireplace and administrative desk
  • Restrooms excluding use of shower
  • Small studio room w couch, two chairs, and coffee table
  • Yoga props: 4 bolsters, 10 blocks, 5 blankets
  • Two space heaters
  • Wifi access
  • Personal access code for easy entry

Our small yoga studio is equipped with state of the art features.

  • Space for 16 total people or 10 yoga mats
  • Dimmable Lights
  • Two entry/exit points
  • 12′ ceilings
  • Hard floors
  • Multiple outlets
  • Minimal but modern furnishings

How It Works

Ignite Yoga’s fitness studio rental is so easy and flexible, you’ll be glad you joined. The small studio rental is shared with Ignite Yoga and other service providers like yourself. All rentals are managed by each individual via our appointment booking system and can be scheduled at anytime (no waiting for someone to return your call!). When booking an appointment, you will be shown a list of times that the small studio is available. Simply choose the entire amount of time you need the studio, including set-up and clean-up, and complete your reservation—you’ll receive a confirmation in your email inbox. All bookings are on a first come first serve basis and no times are guaranteed unless booked in the system.

Once you book your first appointment, you must submit a copy of your general and professional liability insurance to info@igniteyogadayton.com at least 48-hours prior to your first booking. After submitting your insurance, you will be sent instructions on how to access the building, wifi password, and a physical copy of your contract that must signed and returned upon providing your first session. After the initial formalities are complete, you will be free to rock ‘n roll with your business!

Easy Pricing

Many fitness studio rentals come with complicated pricing such as percentages or splits that create uncertainty for your business. Others charge hefty hourly fees that make it all but impossible to host a profitable workshop, group meeting, or private session. To create ease and peace of mind, our small yoga studio room can be rented in one of two ways.

Time block

A time block occurs in 30-minute increments that can be stacked for a total of up to two hours. In short, you can rent our small yoga studio for 30-min, 60-min, 90-min, or 120-min total. When choosing your fitness studio rental duration, keep in mind that time to set-up or clean-up is not included, so you must rent the studio for the total duration of time you will need it.

30-minute Rental • $19

60-minute Rental • $34

90-minute Rental • $45

120-minute Rental • $52

Month-to-Month Contract

Ignite Yoga’s fitness studio rental month-to-month contract gives you freedom and flexibility to deliver your services at an affordable price. You pay a recurring monthly fee and receive an allotted number of hours to use the small yoga studio. This is perfect for those that have an idea of how much time they will need the fitness studio rental per month and have long term plans for their business. Each contract includes a $99 deposit that is refunded upon termination of your contract.

We have three recurring contract options available.

10 hours per month • $149

15 hours per month • $199

20 hours per month • $249

Please read the fine print and agree to the terms and conditions before signing the rental contract.

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