Liz Engel

class vibe: challenging, fun and upbeat

niche: I encourage each yogi to meet themself where they are, take rest where needed, and push where they can reach their edge.

Why do you love to teach yoga?
I love watching the transformation that happens for a person through yoga, sometimes even in a single practice. Getting to be a part of that is an honor.

What have you learned on your mat at Ignite Yoga?
Sometimes less is more and will be exactly what you need to tap into a deeper level of your practice.

Where can we find you on your mat?
Ignite Yoga and my home. If the weather cooperates, I love taking my practice outside.

What’s your greatest adventure?
My journey to my self.

If you could choose a second home location, where would it be?
Somewhere amongst the New England states. Especially in the fall, I find the hills and foliage to be magical.

Where do you feel most at home?
Anywhere with my husband and our boys, but especially relaxing in our home together.

What’s one thing you know to be true?
One thing I know to be true is no human who is truly happy with themself is mean to others.

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