Katie Mitchell

Katie Mitchell Teacher at Ignite Yoga Centerville yoga studio

class vibe: laid back, cheerful, loving, supported

niche: working with students who are new to the practice, helping them to become confident and ready to jump into their yoga journey

What does it mean to be an Ignite teacher?
It means to reach out to the community and be of service. I bring my best self to each class so that I can lift our students up to be their best selves. Ignite pushes me to continually grow and learn. It has also connected me with the most amazing yoga community who all love me up regularly.

One thing you’ve learned on your mat at Ignite?
I’ve learned to listen to my body and my heart. The outside world will tell you so many things, put so many things on you, and we can all let those things drop and feel what is right for us as individuals.

Where can we find you on your mat?
I love every type of class on the schedule at Ignite, but i’ll always be surrounded by blocks and blankets and bolsters, even in a power class—I love my props.

What’s your greatest adventure?
100% raising my 3 boys and navigating life with my husband, Tom. We’ve been traveling this crazy, winding road together since 2005 and it never gets boring.

If you could choose a second home location, where would it be?
Hands down Elk Rapids, Michigan. This town is the smallest, sweetest place right between Lake Michigan and Elk Lake. Elk Lake is the most beautiful, crystal clear body of water I’ve ever seen and our family travels there each and every summer. We have so many perfect memories in that place and we hope we will have a home there someday!

What’s one thing you know to be true?
I know that there are three things that make me feel at peace in my life. When I act with love in my heart, when I extend grace to others, and when I am in service to my community I am my best self.

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