Kathleen Crosby

class vibe: elevating embodiment

niche: to encourage students to move with awareness to cultivate strength & find ease in yoga & everyday life

What does it mean to be an Ignite teacher?
To teach at Ignite means opportunity for growth. The support & encouragement instills a loving desire to offer something specific & special to students in each of my classes,

One thing you’ve learned on your mat at Ignite?
On my mat I learned to ~ be. breathe. do hard work. embrace stillness. face unexpected challenges with courage

Where can we find you on your mat?
you can find me in an Awaken class with nuanced sequencing to tone with body awareness, as well as Zen or Rest to tune in & unwind.

What’s your greatest adventure?
While I’ve enjoyed international travel, it’s mothering that is my greatest adventure

Where do you feel most at home?
We like to travel, bike. hike. cook. read. create art. sew. play boardgames & puzzle. there’s no cozier place than being together at home unless it were a cabin in the mountains or a cottage on a beach.

What’s one thing you know to be true?
Happiness is a choice
kindness is a gift,
gratitude fills the heart ♥️
optimism is contagious
serendipity is joyful.

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