Réka Juhász

Réka Juhász Teacher at Ignite Yoga Centerville yoga studio

class vibe: challenging, fast-paced, fun flow

niche: pairing music with the flow, cracking up the tunes so you have nowhere to hide but show up and give it your all

What does it mean to be an Ignite teacher?
It’s a freaking humbling experience. It means we uphold the students to standards that are higher, stronger, bigger than themselves. It means we ignite (had to) your practice and life. 

Why do you love to teach yoga? or what do you love about teaching yoga?
That it’s never the same class, experience or even pose to break down. I love that it teaches me that nothing is ever permanent. 

One thing you’ve learned on your mat at Ignite?
That i can always come to ignite as i am. I don’t need to be the perfect yogi, with the perfect outfit, with the perfect handstand. 

What’s your greatest adventure?
Seeing the northern lights in Iceland. I’m obsessed with that country. 

If you could choose a second home location, where would it be?
Second and third: Big noisy city and then a cabin in the woods. 

Where do you feel most at home?
In the sunshine. 

What’s one thing you know to be true? or.. if you could share words of wisdom to everyone in the world, what would they be?
That life is half good and half shit. Best to feel the feels regardless so you can evolve as a human.

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