Physical therapy and energetic healing

Physical therapy in Dayton, Ohio

Physical therapy is the treatment of injury, disease and deformity to restore range of motion, mobility, flexibility and strength deficits that are limiting your normal function. Physical therapists are experts in diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the musculoskeletal system. Interventions employed by physical therapists aim to restore normal function and promote improvement in quality of life and goal achievement. This may include manual (hands on) treatment, skilled exercise prescription, education and empowerment to allow you to return to the life you love.

Benefits of physical therapy

+ Improved movement efficiency 
+ Range of motion normalization 
+ Mobility 
+ Strength/stability 
+ Decreasing pain 
+ Performance Optimization/Preparation 
+ Return to sport 
+ Fitness goal achievement 
+ Injury prevention 

What can I expect from Alive + Well?

+ One-onone skilled assessment and intervention with the same provider 
+ Sessions focused on your goals and what you want to achieve 
+ Individually-catered solutions and strategies to mitigate pain and dysfunction 
+ Professional, on-time service  
+ Education about emotional/energetic barriers and how they impact our lives 
+ Acknowledgment and processing of individual emotional/energetic barriers 
+ Consistent guidance and encouragement on next steps to own your future 


Specialty skills and training in…

+ Manually based (hands on) treatment 
+ TMJ and spine specialty care 
+ Skilled client focused exercise prescription 
+ Dry needling 
+ Lymphatic drainage 
+ Pelvic health therapy
+ Myofascial/Craniosacral techniques 

Intuitive energy healing in Dayton, Ohio

Intuitive energy healing is a transformative practice dedicated to fostering inner peace and harmony within the body. By delicately balancing energy and releasing emotional stressors, this approach aims to restore vitality and well-being. As an intuitive empath, Abbey’s heightened awareness allows her to connect with the feelings and emotions of others. Together we create a safe space for your body to release and let go, allowing you to move forward towards your highest good. 

Signs and symptoms of energy imbalance

+ Pain
+ Fatigue 
+ Feeling down or depleted
+ Feeling anxious and overwhelmed  
+ Tightness – especially in abdomen and chest 
+ Difficulty concentrating
+ Being “on edge” and irritable
+ Being very sensitive to light and sound 
+ Being sensitive to the emotions and actions of others
+ Having digestive issues (irritability and constipation)

What should I expect in an energy healing session?

Each session will look and feel differently for each client based on their needs. Sessions will begin with an open conversation regarding any current barriers, emotions or stressors that are present that the client would like to discuss. The client will then lay comfortably on the treatment table while Abbey scans their body for any energetic blockages. Depending on the comfort level of the client, Abbey will discuss the emotions and blockages she finds to be present as she clears them from the client’s body.

Abbey with Alive + Well has a doctorate level education in physical therapy and 10 years of experience in the Dayton, Ohio area. She doesn’t stop with it is what it is. If you have been searching for answers to feel better and improve your quality of life, you are the perfect client for Alive+Well. Abbey believes that everything is connected and that many factors play a role in healing. Therefore, her goal  in providing physical therapy services is to come alongside you as a resource and an advocate to not only help you feel better but to aid in learning about yourself along the way.

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