Anna Furderer


class vibe: to empower my students to be themselves and take up space

niche: I am passionate about incorporating yoga ethics and philosophy into daily life in small and big ways. I love how moving the body on the mat parallels our lives off the mat

What does it mean to be an Ignite teacher?
To me, being an Ignite teacher means showing up authentically and having fun. There has never been a time while I’ve been a student at Ignite where a teacher hasn’t made me genuinely smile or chuckle. I can’t wait to do the same for students of my own classes

What have you learned on your mat at Ignite Yoga?
As a student at Ignite, I have learned to push myselfwhen I underestimate mycapabilities, and to slow down when I’ve gone toofar. It’s balance, really.

What’s your greatest adventure?
My greatest adventure is showing up for life when I want to escape or numb. Face problems and challenges head-on and stay teachable& curious. Sometimes it’s scary, but life hasn’t taken me down yet!

If you could choose a second home location, where would it be?
If I could choose a second home location it would no doubt be the Rocky Mountains. I think everyone knows that about me. Even better….doing yoga in the mountains….it really lights me up.

Where do you feel most at home?
Whether I’m in the mountains or in Ohio, I feel most at home when I’m with my husband and kids

What’s one thing you know to be true?
One thing I know to be true is that nothing is permanent except God/Source/Light/Buddha/Allah (your Higher Power). Try to keep that in mind when we lose sight of what’s really important. It’s easy to lose perspective this day in age. Yoga has taught me that.

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